More fail in the works…

I have had zero luck with hardware lately: from the Laptop that doesn’t like to run Linux (Toshiba Satelite L505-GS5035), buying the Kindle days before the iPad launched, buying a Lexmark printer, a 32Gb SSD drive just before deciding I wanted to dual boot, etc, etc :)

So I decided to ride the curve :) I ordered a pair of NetGear powerline-network plugs to let me connect my computer room to the cable router without going over the wireless n, which I’d rather not use if I don’t have to – there are so many wireless networks here it’s hard to find a channel I get decent reception on :(


Post a review when you’ve tested those. I’m curious to see how well they work in practice.

Yes, you *again* go the wrong way.

PLCs has to be connected directly to the wall, so, you can not plug anything else on the same place. Where are you going to plug all the other devices? :D

I did buy a unit that has a electrical-power-plug pass through, so you can plug the PLC on the wall and the computers on the PLC himself.

Not my model but I think you can got the idea…

No – I realize it plugs directly into the walls :) And I have spare sockets to plug them into at both locations.

I looked at the pass-thru ones but none of them had AES encryption, hence my choice.

Rather – the fail is likely to be either that my wiring isn’t compatible, or that the loft that houses my computer room is on a different circuit than where the rest of my gear is, so there’ll be no connection :)

Ugh, yes, fail, I’d run a cat5 cable at neck height between computers before I went to powerline adapters.

I have D-Link Powerline adapters and they work great, took a few attenpts to ge them synced but no probs since installation 3 months ago.

I’ve got a couple of netgear plugs and they are fantastic for me. The one near the router didn’t like the available power socket however so I had to string the cat 5 cable across the room and plug it in to a socket on the other wall. I’ve got the other plug in a separate building on the same property and it works great – fast throughput and zero packet loss which was a big issue with the wireless I was using before.

It’s a pity there’s no way to try them before you buy them to see if they work at your home and setup because they aren’t particularly cheap. I think I paid at least double what I would have for a single wireless card for the two-plug pack.

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