Say no more.


For such a non-eventful video … I keep finding myself watching it when I’m taking a few moments timeout.

No the same without smoke and clutter though. ALso shows how much we need building shadows!

I liked it. I kept looking for myself to no avail :)

You’re in the last few seconds =)

Ahh! Thanks for pointing that out, just found myself. That puts into perspective what point in the battle that was. I think after that t38 I strictly went infantry.

I call shenanigans. I see KFS1’s tag at 1:09. He can’t be in two places at once :P

Duh – did you skip the intro titles? :) And didn’t you notice that I had to change my tag from KFS1 to -KFS1- so that it would work properly? :) (The client doesn’t like two of the same name appearing).

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