Time to get my head into [1.32] gear

Oorah: The production team have given me the go-ahead to do the core work on the cell host grid system that I wanted to do. I can’t tell you how giddy this makes me.

It should be utterly transparent to our players, so I want to keep the development time short.

To achieve that, my plan is to rigorously instrument the code and give it a complete set of unit tests. I want the code to have this self-QA when I first check it in.

My fail failed :(

I failed to fail :(

Plugged the two NetGear Powerline AVs into wall sockets, connected one to my router downstairs, the other to my PC upstairs. Booted up the PC, BAM.

Working perfectly. I get a little under 92 million bits per second to/from my Laptop. Which is perfectly acceptable since I only have a 100Mb ethernet port on each.

Best of all, with one less wireless device in this already overcrowded wireless zone, my laptop’s wireless connectivity has doubled.