Amy Pond kissed a girl :)

(She could always use the Tardis to get singing lessons before she makes the video!)

Counter-Botnetting: Honeypot @ Home

Here’s an idea for aspiring anti-botnet researchers:

Hook up with someone like the OpenBox creators or VMware and perhaps the guys at Malware Bytes.¬†Create some Virtual Machine environments with all the security ripped out, that can be distributed with the intent of remotely (and deliberately) getting botnetted “in the wild”, but under controlled circumstances while running like one of those “@ Home” applications on volunteer systems.

C++0x lambdas suck

int x = 3 ;
int y = 2 ;
vector<int> v = { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 } ;

sort(v.begin(), v.end(), [=x, &y](int lhs, int rhs) { return (lhs & x) < (rhs & y); }) ;

Ok – I stretched there to incorporate the capture in all it’s glory (the capture is the [=x,&y]).

Lets be frank here. The purpose of a lambda function is to be able to create a little snippet of code to be executed inside a loop.

Does C++ need it? IMHO, lambda functions are bad. And C++0x’s choice to make them hideously ugly doubly so.