115MB of 966GB remaining


Render box…

Would it be possible/practical to build a mini-PC “render box” (video rendering, not model/animation rendering), for Camtasia/Vegas?

Neither of them seems to use that much memory. So a lean Windows 7 install seems like it would be good, as long as I throw it a high-end CPU. But it seems like you’d need GPU power to bring down the render time. Or is there other, dedicated hardware that would be better?

I’ve been contemplating building a decently powered server box to sequester in my closet. Something I can host virtual machines on to play with remotely (e.g. an always-on vpn vm), host any wired devices like SAN storage, printer, etc. But I don’t want to spend mega bucks.

Here, kitty kitty…?

Next movie inbound…

It’s about 30 minutes from completing rendering (render started 1.05pm) – assuming the render doesn’t shut my PC down again (CPU overheated) – add 50 minutes or so to upload and another 30-50 to process…

I usually use Camtasia, but I’m doing this one with Sony Vegas again. Vegas renders seem to be a little dark and I forgot to add a brightness adjustment, but after 3 hours rendering I’m not starting over to fix that ;-P

So watch this space … well, the one above it actually, in about 90 minutes!


“Someone Else’s Problem”. Isn’t it a lovely feeling?