115MB of 966GB remaining



“I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat…errr..HardDrive.” Or just do what I did, get to about that space, have your HD completely die, and go out and buy a 1.5 TB. Boom, 500 extra GB! =p

It just seems like 2TB isn’t going to last me all that long either, and I was quite surprised to find that 2TB is as big as Newegg has to offer.

Holy cow. I can’t believe I’m looking for a multi-terrabyte drive …

Heh, click the “???”s in the post – it’s a link to a 2TB drive :)

That’s a lot of pr0n!

Hard disk are for pr0n!

As soon as .xxx domain is aproved, we could do…

copy http://*.xxx/*.* c:\pr0n /r /q

Check C:\work\wwiiol\server\ and remove all the heapdump files. Should release 745GB on its own.

HD sizes hare really stagnated. Get ready to raid them…

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