Time to get my head into [1.32] gear

Oorah: The production team have given me the go-ahead to do the core work on the cell host grid system that I wanted to do. I can’t tell you how giddy this makes me.

It should be utterly transparent to our players, so I want to keep the development time short.

To achieve that, my plan is to rigorously instrument the code and give it a complete set of unit tests. I want the code to have this self-QA when I first check it in.

My fail failed :(

I failed to fail :(

Plugged the two NetGear Powerline AVs into wall sockets, connected one to my router downstairs, the other to my PC upstairs. Booted up the PC, BAM.

Working perfectly. I get a little under 92 million bits per second to/from my Laptop. Which is perfectly acceptable since I only have a 100Mb ethernet port on each.

Best of all, with one less wireless device in this already overcrowded wireless zone, my laptop’s wireless connectivity has doubled.

More coder art

Based on a player’s screenshots in the forums, I took a few stabs at tweaking it with Paint.NET :)

Dr Benimwho


Say no more.

Coder Art at its finest

Even if I do say so my self :)

Yay, Linux printing…

Brother HL-2170W 23ppm Laser Printer with Wireless and Wired Network Interfaces … printing from all my Windows boxes and my Linux VMs without problems. Finally.

More fail in the works…

I have had zero luck with hardware lately: from the Laptop that doesn’t like to run Linux (Toshiba Satelite L505-GS5035), buying the Kindle days before the iPad launched, buying a Lexmark printer, a 32Gb SSD drive just before deciding I wanted to dual boot, etc, etc :)

So I decided to ride the curve :) I ordered a pair of NetGear powerline-network plugs to let me connect my computer room to the cable router without going over the wireless n, which I’d rather not use if I don’t have to – there are so many wireless networks here it’s hard to find a channel I get decent reception on :(

Slow news day?

“So, what does Joran Van Der Sloot eat while he’s in prison?”

This after showing the hole in the floor of his jail cell that he poops in.

Excellent segue.

Routing and finding the front line

Every now and again, for some reason I can’t explain, my little “flood fill” algorithm from tracing supply links out from the factories manages to miss a spot.