Oh, gnpatton :)



what song was that and by whom?

The original? Or the one it’s audioswapped to?

Original: The Ecstasy of Dancing Fleas by Penguin Cafe Orchestra,
Swapped: 20/20 by Ivy League.

Afk? Or just deaf? ;-)

Lutorm :
Afk? Or just deaf? ;-)

LOL, totally what I was thinking!

WoW I freaking fail. Thanks for the video! Thought it was a sapper the whole time. Looks like the other guy was directing the A13. Smart flanking.

And no I wasn’t AFK. I dunno how I didn’t hear him. I was in such a nice position too =/ Now I’m super embarrassed ;)

Actually, at somewhere around 30-50 seconds in, he sees you fire a shot at the guy infront, and turns off the road. Then at about 1.23 he was at a stop, looking for you, and you happen to fire off 2 shots that he spots (the views are nicely lined up at the time :)

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