Much as I like Vegas Movie Studio

The error messages when it can’t render are of the “An error occurred” ilk; It is incredibly unstable trying to render 1080 videos; it only allows a maximum of 4 threads on my i7. And it keeps getting into a state where it just does nothing but count elapsed time while rendering videos (mp4 and wmv).

I guess this is why it has gone from more expensive than Camtasia to a lot cheaper =(


Had the same experiences with the render drivers of VM Studio. Switching to the FrameServer/VirtualDub combo solved all of my problems. Basically you export the movie into a signpost file (socket). VirtualDub listens to the other end of that socket and it’s rendering is rock solid.

Uhm. Say what now? (No, seriously, that went over my head, but I need to know – although I also need to know why after a day of CPU time spent attempting to render Nettersheim 2, YouTube doesn’t offer a 1080 flavor)

Download FrameServer from www . debugmode . com / frameserver and virtualdub from wherever you find it. Install vdub and frameserver (make sure to install the frameserver plugins for vegas). Be aware that you will need an external video codec pack if you haven’t already installed divx codec or something like that.

From the top of my head (at work atm):

in vegas: File -> Export Movie -> select frameserver signpost as output type -> make all selections as needed in the next two dialogs and start frameserving

load virtualdub
Menu File -> open file -> open previously created signpost file
Menu Video -> Enable full processing mode -> adjust compression settings as needed (codec, bitrate, u name it)
Menu Audio -> select direct stream copy
Menu File -> save as … give it a name and press ok

Now virtualdub starts to request uncompressed movie data from Vegas via the signpost file (think of it as a simple socket file) and processes the video on the fly.

Oh and the higher resolutions will appear as soon as yt has finished processing the video.

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