I cried a little…


I just submitted a feature design proposal and playout description to our production list. I did a quick code audit/review to determine the time to implement, and estimated 2-3 days of work. So I called it a week.

This is one of those features that, up until this point, was years away from even being a consideration…

It ties in with work we are already discussing implementing within the next version (not patch) or two. Other than the already-covered feature work that we are considering doing anyway, the personal bombshell revelation for me tonight was that almost all of it is now simply a matter of removing code.

Literally: rip the one, old, problematic system out entirely; use the system we’re already planning to add for one half and use another system we already have for the other half.

You end up needing just a little glue in the middle that should be pretty easy to implement in this ground-up approach. End result is something that had otherwise always seemed a million light years off…

We haven’t been able to consider doing it before for all kinds of technical reasons. But if you wipe the slate clean of the old system and assume we are going ahead with the other TBD work …

All it needs is some rules and some UI presentation and BAM. Dream come true.

All I’m going to say is that it is one of several “swoon” features that, like any other Battleground Europe player, I dream about at night. And here I am finally creating “playout” diagrams and looking at where the code will go…

If my emails have the same “WOAH” effect on the team as putting them together did for me … you can expect to hear about it from Rafter/Motor in the near future. I’m not going to say any more, though, because, if there’s something blaringly obvious that I overlooked, teasing you with “we may be able to do X” would probably make you cry quite a lot ;)


Dynamic missions with the ability to change targets in the game world? Parachuting dogs? BTW you need to just comment out that last paragraph in this teaser and let the cat out of the bag :) Because we love you.

As a coder, I find that the ‘Whoah’ moments, when something difficult suddenly comes together in a simple and elegant manner are some of the best moments in the job.

As a player of the game, this is gonna drive me batty. Someone had better spill the beans.

I’m guessing it’s something mission related as well. But what I’d love to see is better multi-crew support etc. Given WoW currently does multi-crewed vehicle combat better[1] than WWIIOL……

[1] Yeah, if I just say “multi-crewed vehicle combat” then you can easily argue the “better” on the issue of “combat” alone. Fair call. So let’s just say in terms of “combat”, WWIIOL wins. In terms of the “multi-crewed vehicle” part, uh, sorry but the Russian judge is going for WoW….

Parachuting ponies?
Torpedo-mounted panzershreks?
Player-spawnable goat herds?
Poly-crew opels?
Flying-bantha-doodoo in explosion effects?
Ragdoll pizza delivery?
Itch-curing CTHLs?

Wait wait – I know: A UI?

kfsone :
Wait wait – I know: A UI?

Now you’re just being silly!

Will we ever see improved multi crewing of vehicles?

memoi :

kfsone :
Wait wait – I know: A UI?

Now you’re just being silly!

I didn’t have you at panzershreks? :(

Sounds promising. I hope all goes well. Best of luck.

STO Bombs / Killing all units at any altitude…

or RDP.

Sorry what feature are you talking about again?

Flying monkey heads, once locked into your center point of view it never leaves until you despawn.

A dr who esque weeping statues in reverse, instead of don’t stop looking, don’t look directly at the monkey. ;)

Well they’ve alluded to player placed emplacements as a mid term possibility which might be one half… player placed FBs maybe?

Also, nice try hchris

A redo of the Capture System where the Capture Points are the actual Logistical Control Points on the Map (Road and/or Railroad Intersections, Bridges, Hangars, Docks, Airfield and Port ABs, Railroad Stations, Factories and Mobile Division and Brigade HQs) for a functioning Supply System that is integrated into the Map rather than the ambiguous and arbitrary Capture Buildings we have now?

I’m hoping for map layers for squads, missions, OIC, et al. All with a checkbox so you can see the regular map, or any of the additional/applicable layers.

And directional arrows with variable colors to indicate speed to use with contact reports.

why do i feel like i just spent 100 dollars on dinner and didnt even good a good night kiss. oli youre such a tease.

Alright. What can I hold for ransom? anyone have ideas?

lol madrebal

Colklink lives.

My guess:

I think its what you talked about some time ago, the problem of “the player IS the plane”. This, as I understand it, relates to bailing and join-in-flight, possibly polycrewing, maybe even the ability to have an object or vehicle that a player could walk up to and “join” or use, such as static guns, or maybe having ships sail the seas and players come and go from them at will. I really really hope I am right!

If it isn’t that then it has to be dynamic origin and target for missions.

Was is the Field Reinforcement Unit’s and Player-Placed Objects that was just announced?


(no, i don’t)

My guess would be multi-crewing / being able to exit the vehicle

Based on rafter’s update today, I’d say bailing.

110% guarantee it won’t be bailing or exiting vehicles. its not PPOs cause those were planned already. keep in mind what oli’s main duty is, that beind backend host code/features. meaning ‘bailing’ would require new 3d animations etc. not saying oli is incapable of having an epiphany of that nature but i just don’t see him perusing the animation code/features very often but i could be wrong.

my hope is something to do with the global strategic supply system.

Player placed FBs i reckon.

My tip are loadouts. Loadouts are mainly a thing on the server side: Mr KFS1 responsibility. Also there is the need of some small UI changes, so the player can access and see the feature. Perhaps you then have ammunition in stock, which trickles in over time with the current resupply ticket system.

My dream is SPAA, but on this KFS1 probably can’t do anything *g*

Rail and bridge supply lines.

hmm, being able to cut a supply line by bombing a bridge? Thats not a bad guess…

but I agree with rubbish, being able to get in and out of AT guns would really complement PPO’s

Heh, I did suggest “FRU” instead of calling them “MSP”s, since they are [i]not[/i] mobile, and their primary function is as a resupply point.

Not my epiphany tho.

GFJ KFS1 on the FRUs ! Will the next step be to allow these to be moved within radius of their former location (while drastically increasing the minimum truck-drop-FRU distance in counterpart) to get something similar to the “mission flag” concept spoken about for years ?

@people : he said “was years away from even being a consideration…” and all the features you mentioned ARE planned (bailing, new UI, new scoring system & team-based, automatic missions, brigade-shared MSP’s, etc.).
I doubt that we can guess it, I’m sure it’s something we wouldn’t even believe it’s technically possible to do.

But here’s my guess though : allowing players to create a para mission from inside their own ground brigade (so it is listed along other ground missions) but that still uses the supply from that para brigade. Para brigades would be a kind of basket where we get extra units. This adds visibility to these missions, both to players and to OIC, and will help in the upcoming gameplay overhaul intended to improve the chain of command.
…Well okay, that was an easy one since I just copy/pasted one of the many suggestions compiled on my blog http://wwiiol-ui.blogspot.com/ (btw KFS1, I’m still eager to hear some feedback from you).

Though that’s not really a “whoah” feature… So I would make a second bet on the ability to spawn into a moving vehicle (truck, planes, boats), which would be even cooler with the feature given above.

@Zebbee: The problem with MSP/UMS was that the player has to give up the vehicle, which results in a very-easy termination of the attack. We want to decouple the truck from the ant-trail :) Right now “FRU”s are just going to be a UMS dropped by a truck without the truck despawning – they’ll obey the same rules etc. We’re not quite moving up to the spawn @ mission leader stuff.

Also – we used to have that kind of para-brigade abuse, and people didn’t like it because it made it much harder to tell where the mission was etc.

We decided it was much better to use the TOEs au-naturel so that the mission is where the troops are is where the TOE is :)

Only bailing out will get me to resubscribe.

Well Kron, it looks like you have to resubscribe.

was that “bailing” the whoah feature mentioned in this topic ?

Please tell us it’s not the fake bailing rafter announced what your post was about.

Nope; client guys did tht.

And did it get a positive feedback ? In other words, any chance to see it soon (TM) ?

So KFS1 did the loadouts get approved?

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