Less-than-wireless mouse?



i saw this earlier. it got me thinking of something applicable to ww2ol. lets say we have this type of interface right, and it works. would it then be feasible to create a ‘mouse gesture’ system for say throwing grenades like you could click secondary fire and with your ‘mouse’ (aka hand) make a gesture and lightly or strongly toss a grenade around a corner instead of straight ahead?

is that feasible?

I’m not sure you would want to equip WWIIOL players with a hand-gesture device…

why? its not like they have a free hand to do anything with as it is :D.

The avatars don’t have fingers, so whats the worry? ;)

Works similar to TrackIR

The fact it’s similar to TrackIR really isn’t a selling point to me.

I want my mouse to be precise. This thing – for the first iterations if nothing else – is going to be laggy and imprecise. No thanks, not when I’m trying to get rapid pixel accuracy to snipe a guy.

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