USPS Baffler.

Its old news that the USPS is in financial trouble, and that junk mail is not just a vein of income for them but pretty much their jugular…

But in a world where we pay for tap water and sewage,  for the electricity we need to run the air conditioning that makes the buildings we live in habitable, even just the ability to receive phone calls…

Not being from here, this may just be another dumb question but … Why do we not pay for our mailbox? It seems, kinda, un-American…

Currently, the amount of junk snail mail I receive results in my spending ~1 day (24 hours) a year (and that’s based on 6 delivery days a week not 7) sifting and throwing away junk mail. On most days I walk away from the mail box empty handed. That’s even more annoying when it turns out that I threw away something important like – say – a payment missed notice for one of my automatic recurring payments after the e-mail version got caught by the spam filter :(.

I’d be more than happy to pay $5, maybe $10, a month for a junk-free mailbox; maybe they could have grades of protection.

If implemented effectively, it would actually offer their product an advantage above the Internet. Reducing the amount of junk they have to deliver would make them more efficient, lower costs, etc, and presumably eventually help lower the postage cost to legitimate senders.

One Comment

Over here we fixed the junk mail issue with a gov sticker you put on your mailbox.

So if you don’t want junk mail, just order one online (free) and smack it on your mailbox and businesses/post office are not allowed to put junk mail in your mailbox.

If they don’t adhere to the stickers the gov get a lot of complaints and the company is issued a fine.

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