Status update

So incase it wasn’t obvious … I’m in recovery mode from the conclusion of 1.31 that saw me working on 1.30-china, 1.31-US and 1.32-rebase, all at once, and with the ever-so-slight possibility that the cell hosts were not going to work at all…

(kfs1 = leela, gophur/rafter/Happyoo/docdoom/bloo = fry)

So I’m not actually assigned or working on my 1.32 stuff yet. I spent Saturday setting up a Doxygen project for the code, and re-working some utility modules to help with game parallelization that I started on a year ago. Spent Sunday merging my last months worth of 1.31 changes back into the baseline, and then realized I also had to merge what I’d just done.

Victory! In Lua!

I don’t remember exactly what triggered it, a combination of things – waiting for several slow SVN updates, the game compiling in the background, and an email from Doc to the production and godsofwar mailing lists were on-hand when I started.

So I started hashing out a system way to describe Victory Conditions in Lua.