Query and Chart Builder?

Some time ago, I was looking at tools for building graphs and charts from database tables. Someone sent me a link to a commercial product that was aimed at delivery to non-programmers, allowing you to drill down to pre-existing graphs/charts and even customize queries to build your own.

The ideal thing for handing off charts to management and producers.

We didn’t have a perceived need for it at the time and I can’t find the freakin’ link for the life of me (sorry, Bloo). No, it wasn’t jpgraph (which is a programmer tool).

Any ideas?

I might be misremembering that it was web-based, it might have been an actual application. And no, I’m not thinking of Excel ;)


Found it … http://www.visualmining.com/products_for_business_users_overview.php

“NetCharts”. I threw myself for a curve by typing “Netgraph” instead of “Netcharts”. Netgraph is part of the NetBSD networking system, heh.

XML/SWF charts opensource: http://www.maani.us/xml_charts/

I’ve looked at this but have not tried to implement. There is development work in setting up.

Hey mate, i have a buddy who owns a software engineering company. There was some talk about outsourcing the Terrain II project some time ago and I actually asked a few questions to my buddy (don’t worry, I was very very careful, did not even mention a name) and he said that his company could pull off a procedual terrain and city automated generation tool, a terrain building tool including some sort of the “supply and strat” system.
Are you guys interested? I know his company has lots of experience all around the world creating different tools for different companies with success. He also said that it would not be THAT expensive to create all this stuff.

Who should I best talk to in the CRS team?

business performance monitoring? *stares blankly* friggin management and their damn fancy graphs.

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