Plan for the weekend

I checked a rewrite of the cell-host grid system into SVN a few weeks back. I’m going to make a branch of the current baseline and re-integrate the new grid system code into that, instrument it up with unit tests, and see if I can’t have it fully working by tonight, then run it through it’s paces tomorrow.

Or … maybe I’ll spend a bunch of time today reviewing recent ideas about neighbor search systems first.

Part of the new grid system is slightly better optimized vis-list building on the host. More importantly, the new mechanism is encapsulated in an entirely thread-safe way, so I can potentially parallelize it, which means I can be a little more methodical inside the processing routines.

The cell hosts themselves are dual core-2 xeons (4 physical cpu cores), but we get very little work out of more than 1 core at a time :(


is it at all possible to introduce an altitude variable into the vis list system? say from 0-3km the normal vis limit applies. 3-10km vis list jumps to 256? reason i ask is at altitude my fps is in the 120-200 range since there arent fps killing trees up there :). it looks a little odd on large RDP missions to see friendly bombers pop in and out of view.

i recall long ago i want to say right when you first introduced netcode2 that you could set to “4” and have a 256 vis limit, i want to say you were the one who told me about that too however i think it was just for testing. i haven’t check to see if that setting still works.

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