StarCraft 2 :)

I’m not passing judgement on SC2 itself here, rather … I’m just wondering what your average WoW player is going to think when they buy SC2 after watching this

to find that they get this


lol i was watching SC2 videos and had the same thought. i would be and feel angry

I’ve been in the beta as well and saw the advertising they’ve been showing with similiar CGI video that shows absolutely zero of the retro styled gameplay thinking WTF, there’s gonna be some pissed off kids that buy the game and it looks no different than 10 years ago with the same build and zerg strategy.

Bliz have always done pretty pretty sweet cinematics that have little to do with actual game content: e.g. *original* World of Warcraft cinematic vs latest in-game blizcon trailer for upcoming expansion.

You can see why they do :)

I wonder how many folks will buy SC2 expecting WoW in space?

Actually i was surprised to see the in game cut scenes rendered in real time. That to me smells of a MMO SC in the works. They will get WoW in space, just wait.

The average wow player has had game footage of sc2 rammed in his/her face for about a year or more now so they know what to expect. All the poor people who are going to buy it off the shelf after seeing the add i feel for.

Damn, that’s ridiculous! I thought the trailer was for a FPS game on an Alien world, whereas it is really just Dune II: Battle For Arrakis. Now that was a game!

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