3 things to grow EQ2

  1. Re-treat the User Interface.
  2. Performance.
  3. Emphasize pretty where it counts.

1. Re-treat the User Interface:

I’m fixing to put out a hit on the guy who did our UI: Want to go halvsies on a double-kill?

EQ2s UI is perfectly functional, but it really does look like bad coder art.

[EQ2] Do you hear that?

That’s the sound of a hundred Sony engineers desperately trying to put together additional servers (I think) :)

“Server: Freeport. Load: HEAVY”


Everquest 2: For Free


Comparing EQ2 to WoW is somewhat swings and roundabouts. I honestly haven’t seen anything in the stream of Cataclysm (WoW) screenshots recently that looks different then the WoW I remember.

OTOH, I remember EQ2 being graphically kick-ass. Until a friend likened their ground models to one of those ugly “I maed mmo!” games by a college student, and the last few times I played, all I could see was the hard terrain edges.

Still: If you’re on a WoW hiatus and not playing anything else, and I can’t twist your arm into coming back and trying Battleground Europe in its latest incarnation… Well, then… Give EQ2 free a shot.

Git: It *could* be harder.

Some time in the last two weeks, I pulled some code from somewhere, made some changes, and dispatched them to the author for review.

Then I scratched my head. I’d just used git.


Now for something completely different.

“This is a mosquito getting killed by a laser”



Laser :- Cheap, low power.
Solar Power :- Ideal for 3rd world countries.

“Where would you put these things?”

Asked like a true Westerner, worried about the odd mosquito in their apartment. Answer is kinda simple: Near prime mosquito breeding locations such as … the village well/pond.

Visual Source Safe to Subversion

For the last 10 odd years, the game’s data components have been kept in Visual Source Safe. VSS is bad, m’kay. Like any piece of software, it has its merits, especially for a very small team working on a very simple project. I’m not going to turn this into an anti-VSS pejorative tho.

Moving from VSS to Subversion (and then possibly Mercurial) varies in complexity depending on your repository. Ours is ten years old and contains multiple projects, which have danced around the directory tree.

Demons on MMOs

Not what you think. Apparently I’m not the only former Demon employee who has a passion for MMOs.


Tactile/Haptic Displays

I said before that I thought that the next important progression in the develop of touch-screen devices was the ability for the device to provide feedback.

Well, now that technology exists.

It just has to compete with brain-to-computer control.

Look-alike finder for your phone.

Hop to it slackers. Someone write an app that takes a picture and then scans through images to find someone famous who looks like the person(s) in the photograph.

The perfect tool for compliment and insult slinging.

Go on, get coding already!

Google *is* a corporation.

I’m not going to use Google for search, Gmail for mail or Chrome for browsing. Nor do I suggest anyone else should. But the aforementioned “pay-for” Internet proposal should mark the death of our naievete when it comes to Google.

Dodge vs Ford: Corporate responsibility is to the wealth of the shareholders, not the community.