WWII images in contemporary photographs

The technical term doesn’t do it justice; “rephotography”. Sergey Larenkov takes black and white photographs from the war and overlays them from a modern photograph of the same scene.

For the full set, visit his Live Journal.


Thanks for posting the link back to the original source of the photos. I saw a smaller subset of these earlier today; the smaller collection doesn’t do justice to the larger.

While I (like many of us) have viewed hundreds or thousands of photos taken during the war, seeing them placed within the modern context really emphasizes the many years between them.

Cay: I saw some of those, and I didn’t like the way they kind of re-homed the images. Sergey gets a mention, but they made it look like their personal collection rather than links to someone elses work.

Saw them on Slashdot yesterday, kinda leaves a somewhat creepy feeling.

Some are really good. When he manages to get some sort of blend between the two or the correct colours on the modern ones they look amazing.

Some just look like I’ve hacked two layers together in photoshop but I really like some of them.

All pretty cool just finding the old photos and working out exactly where they were taken and getting the modern image. Imagine how much work and travelling around that would entail – even if only one city.

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