Gource, it’s not that ‘ard.

“This is a little video I’ve made”. Yarh. Press ‘record’, disengage ‘brain’.

I stumbled on “Gource” yesterday (via the ‘25 Years of AmigaOS Development‘ on SlashDot).

After messing with generating videos of the Battleground Europe source repository, and realizing it would be easier to clone the repo to my machine, I found myself twiddling my thumbs waiting for a file transfer.

“Hmm”, I thought, “I wonder if I could use it for something else…”

Gource was developed for visualizing source repositories – but it can do other stuff (it supports a variety of log formats, including Apache logs).

What I’m trying to use it for there is a community visualizer.

I start from the current squad memberships, then I back track to the beginning of our squad actions audit table (who joined, left, created, disbanded a squad). Then I run forward.

You can’t see it unless you look very hard, because I have the hierarchy display turned off, but it’s associating nodes (squads) by parent… So if someone leaves one squad and forms another, those two squads will stay close together.

I may make a few more of the rest of the data, if I can find good options to make it run a little faster. I really want it to spend less time on each individual day so you can see activity more fluidly. Right now, the settings I’m using generate fairly dull videos =/

One Comment

Sorry I dont understand your spoken english, and youtube CC did not a very good job…

What did happend to population server/game on 12 dec, just before it turns green?

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