Google *is* a corporation.

I’m not going to use Google for search, Gmail for mail or Chrome for browsing. Nor do I suggest anyone else should. But the aforementioned “pay-for” Internet proposal should mark the death of our naievete when it comes to Google.

Dodge vs Ford: Corporate responsibility is to the wealth of the shareholders, not the community.

Diagrams through ascii art.


Credit where due (TXU follow up)

I wrote a detailed complaint to TXU about my bodged-up disconnection experience last month (recap: manual payment caused auto-pay to carry old credit card info over another month, bagging me a $25 bounce fee, a $7 disconnect fee and a $8 reconnect fee, switching me to a special charging plan, and a series of customer-care foul-ups leaving me without power for 2 days in 105f weather).

They looked it over, along with their records, and refunded me all of the costs incurred. (They didn’t answer my questions as to whether it was going to charge the right card this month, tho, so I’m just going to cancel the recurring payment and pay it manually; for all I know, it may still be carrying over the old card since I paid manually last month).

It’s good to know they didn’t just brush off my bad experiences and that they dealt more than fairly with me in review. I’d talked to the apartment staff and found there is a second electricity company I can use, but I’m going to stick with TXU for now.