Everquest 2: For Free


Comparing EQ2 to WoW is somewhat swings and roundabouts. I honestly haven’t seen anything in the stream of Cataclysm (WoW) screenshots recently that looks different then the WoW I remember.

OTOH, I remember EQ2 being graphically kick-ass. Until a friend likened their ground models to one of those ugly “I maed mmo!” games by a college student, and the last few times I played, all I could see was the hard terrain edges.

Still: If you’re on a WoW hiatus and not playing anything else, and I can’t twist your arm into coming back and trying Battleground Europe in its latest incarnation… Well, then… Give EQ2 free a shot.


I’m disappointed I can’t play my old characters without paying….

Or just play WoW :) (sorry, had to!)

btw, Lotro is turning free to play soon as well :)

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