Hardware disgruntled

To be honest, I’m kind of underwhelmed by where we are at with storage in computers.

My biggest beefs are: CPU+GPU, SSD and Multi Core…

A little bit hardcore

Played about in EQ2 extended again last night, and once again ran into some old EQ1 bods and got talking.

It’s hard not to look back on my EverQuest 1 experience without rose tinted glasses, but the reality is that it was a brutal gaming experience. Like playing blackjack with only the dealer seeing your cards until you bust or stick.

Imagine for a moment: EverQuest 1 is a rock, “fun” from playing a game is blood, and you are a vampire with nothing to eat but said rock…

Painfully missing in EQ2

While there are probably long lists of things folks might individually list as missing in any game, there are two things I often find pronouncedly missing in EQ2:

1. The absence of any kind of scripting API. You don’t have to struggle with SWIG or tolua++ to Git’Er’Done. Just expose what you want exposed with your own glue functions. That way, there’s no risk of anyone doing what they’re not supposed to. Lua, Javascript or Python make good engines. Python might be a bit much.

2. Lack of a way to link tradeskill lists. EQ2s crafting is good, the tradeskill business is thriving, its downfall is when someone asks “can you make …”. Dude. I have a HUGE ass list of things I can make.

EQ2x: Broker System

EverQuest 2 has a pretty nice broker system. Swings and roundabouts when comparing it to player-vending systems in other MMOs. See the end of the post for a description of how the EQ2 broker system works.

In the current Free-2-Play EQ2x, which is still in beta at this time, bronze and silver customers can browse the broker but can neither buy nor sell from it unless they buy a set of “Broker Tokens”.

IMHO, access to the broker could provide a fairly significant upsell point (a point at which you’re likely to part with cash). The current model violates the old “first one’s free” principle. By so rigidly excluding these players not only from consumption but also contribution, you also diminish the potential upsell capacity of the feature. Less worthwhile feature = less upsell.

Naturally, I have some thoughts on a simple restructure of the idea that I feel would build a positive-feedback loop of worth => upsell => worth => upsell etc…

Google knows best.

Have you been finding it harder and harder to get accurate searches with Google? Were you starting to think your SearchFoo had withered on the vine? I’ve been getting that feeling, but had a growing hunch that the search results were having less and less to do with what I was searching for…

You aren’t going to get the same search results as I do, you’ll have to read on to understand why…