Been busy

Working on 1.32 stuff, working on 1.32+ stuff, working on long-term stuff (keeping your lobby connection after spawning so we can do some of the stuff we’ve been dying to do for ages), checking out various F2P MMOs for ideas and understanding of how freeplay works…

And there is a continual background task running of working out ways I can take advantage of ZeroMQ to improve gameplay and development.

My first real Python script went into service today, part of the host executable staging… I have a shell-script wrapper called “buildpatch” which marshals the relevant stuff, builds the host binaries, runs all the unit tests, and if that all clears, stages the resulting package to one or more server clusters.

When it came time to publish a staged package, it was all pretty much handled manually, barring a script called “updatecluster” which was intended to be used as the final step in the process. It started by brute-force shutting down the cluster.

I leveraged the same code I built for terrain publishes, which takes advantage of Strat’s internal Lua support to check for a population on the server. If one is found, it performs a graceful shutdown. Otherwise it goes back to the brute-force mechanism.

My Python script checks the SVN repository for the revision being shipped, gets a host-affecting change log of all the revisions since the last publish, and then stamps the published revision as “published” and sends a change-summary email to the production list. It just kinda of nicely brings all of that to a close for now.

I coulda – a few years ago, woulda – done it in Perl or shell, but Python was so much less wordy.

One Comment

Hi KFSone, thanks for having added the ability for MLs to move the FRU. If I remind correctly, you told me in this blog that you were not expecting this feature to be available. Tried it a bit with the WBS and it is already moving some great infantry battles outside towns. Had a great time inside a forest the other day with both teams setting up GEs and IFPs for a direct confrontation.

People are now also more likely to perform more creative manoeuvres since it’s much easier to stick together. Still I hope we get an overhaul of the UI and some other gameplay changes such as non-fixed mission origin and target, etc.

Outstanding work

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