Now with 100% less gallbladder

Ungh. Not looking forward to the removal of the staples…


Positive side of this, it will now be harder to process fat in your diet.

Glad your better.

Sounds like you also got the medieval procedure and not the modern no stitch surgery

Odd that the possibly related post is “First 1.31 campaign begun”.

What Greni said. And move you butt back to the keyboard, the factory repair timer won’t change itself automagically.

Breed: It was laproscopic. But the surgeon chooses staples over glue.

Pfft. Got back to work first thing this morning ;-P

Glad to hear you’re out of hospital and recovering.

Take it easy and get well soon.

seeing the word staples brought back the memory of scars halfway across your belly and liver. Staples being used because stitches would not be strong enough to hold your insides in.

Better off without it. Mine is working @ 13%, been like that no9w for over a year but according to the Dr. I’m not haveing enough discomfort to bother with taking it out yet.

Rest and recover, get well. Do not lift anything for 6 weeks….You don’t need a hernia to get fixed next.

I wish you a speedy recovery!

Glad to hear you’re doing well. Got mine out ~8 months ago, laproscopic. Life is vastly better without it. None of the diet hassles have materialized for me, other than I now prefer eating smaller meals but with more snacks.

Yikes, first I’ve heard about this. Hope you recover quickly :)

I guess Bliz is filtering my emails again, I sent you one from, and I checked the logs and your mail server received it.

@jwilly Couple of the folks I’ve talked to who have had them out longer tell me that going too long without eating can prove to be extremely painful (your liver produces bile continuously, without the gall-bladder to buffer it up, it’s gonna digest *something*).

One of our former artists, Squirm (Kevin), used to put a bag of green grapes in the freezer when he worked here (not gblad related) but I reckon it might make a handy way to keep a snack on hand. Glad I bought the little mini-fridge last year, gonna be handy for keeping snack stuff on hand :)

Interesting that you got staples. I got absorbable stitches…no removal.

Removal of the drain was a most unpleasant three seconds, though.

On the subject of food, I’ve found that I have a lesser tolerance for very high mechanical fiber stuff, i.e. large quantities of (airpop, unbuttered) popcorn, which used to be a common work snack of mine. That, I think, is the only thing I’m less tolerant of. In my case, apparently I had the infection for a long time, gradually getting worse, and my system had already adapted to gallbladder semi-nonfunctionality. So, nothing else (that I would want to eat) bothers me.

Interesting, JW. I’ve been having the same kinds of pain for at least a year on and off. Hence my lack of regard for it when it struck this last time.

Also, the night before I had a bag of microwave popcorn, lol. There’s a bag here at the hotel I’m in, tempting me, but somehow I couldn’t quite face it lol.

– Oliver

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