Who’s working marketing for EQ2?

I’d imagine with the EQ2x stuff going seemingly well they’d have a fire lit under their ass. Then I read the upcoming expansion flier and had to stop and double take on my underwhelmedness.

“300 new quests?” “30 new creatures” “Crawl your way through 10 dangerous dungeons” “Group up with 12-24 man raids for desirable loot”

“desirable loot” is where the penny dropped.

“24 man raid ‘desirable’ loot”.

Destiny of Velious Features:

  • Flying Mounts – Soar high above Norrath and explore EQII like never before
  • Hundreds of new weapons and items – Customize your character and in-game home in thousands of ways
  • Over 300 new quests – Follow the EQII storyline through the fabled lands of Velious
  • Ten instanced dungeons – Crawl your way through 10 dangerous dungeons
  • Four new Heritage Quests – Live the legacy of the EverQuest franchise and gain memorable rewards
  • One massive contested dungeon – Good or evil, be the first to conquer the all-new contested dungeon
  • Two overland zones – Journey into incredible unknown lands
  • Six Raid Instances –  Group up with 12-24 man raids for desirable loot
  • Velious-themed Battlegrounds – Get your PvP on in the snow
  • A new Signature Quest line – Immerse yourself in EQII lore and get the goods
  • Over 30 new creatures – Battle dangerous and fantastical enemies
  • Dozens of new armor sets – Gear up in powerful armor sets


It’s Velious. That’s all the publicity it needs :)

Almost sounds like they’re trying to not make you want to play with such wonderful descriptions of how much grinding and redundant content and monsters you’ll be encounting. I’m just glad the loot is at least desirable, that makes it all worth it!

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