Take that, Python.

Yes, I’ve started writing code in Python. The big breakthru for me was realizing that I can overcome one of my worst issues with python, the lack of visible scope annotation, with comments.

def myfunction(somearg):
    print("Yep this is my function")

How come I’m programming in Python at all?

More excellent SOE marketing :)

Sony treated their non-paying EQ2x subscribers to “gold” level subscription access for this past weekend, allowing them to experience the perks of the upgrade and perhaps tempt them with some of the gold-only classes.

Hoping to leverage interest this might have generated, they patched today to add a “Purchase More Character Slots” button and a “Shop Now” button to the character creation screen.

In a minor whoopsie, this patch apparently treats everyone as a free account and only lets them access 2 character slots.

For SOE/EQ2s sake, I hope that the resulting outrage of the paid subscribers doesn’t kill off any interest the weekend might have raised :)

Edit: As I suspected, it’s just the character select screen that’s borked :)

Templates ‘o’ doom

Why, in C++, do templates have to be so damn gnarly?

I am pretty certain that, if I took the time to really learn templates, that I would be able to solve most of my own issues with them. But that initial learning seems to be a learning curve that would make Olympus Mons blush.

I’ve been trying to create a wrapper template that wraps type T with accessors so that it is modification aware (i.e. there’s a timestamp so I can tell when members were modified). The members need to be aware of the parent, though, which I’ve done with references. Unfortunately, the parent class doesn’t know about the children, so I can’t fathom a way to deal with the copy constructor, which means you can’t use it properly with stl containers.

Just getting that far I ran into all kinds of issues with partial template specialization, I guess a chunk of which will be solved by the C++0x extern template feature. I just couldn’t figure out how to declare member-function specializations inside the template class; declaring them extern caused “before instanation” errors, and declaring them after the class lead to duplication errors at link time.