More excellent SOE marketing :)

Sony treated their non-paying EQ2x subscribers to “gold” level subscription access for this past weekend, allowing them to experience the perks of the upgrade and perhaps tempt them with some of the gold-only classes.

Hoping to leverage interest this might have generated, they patched today to add a “Purchase More Character Slots” button and a “Shop Now” button to the character creation screen.

In a minor whoopsie, this patch apparently treats everyone as a free account and only lets them access 2 character slots.

For SOE/EQ2s sake, I hope that the resulting outrage of the paid subscribers doesn’t kill off any interest the weekend might have raised :)

Edit: As I suspected, it’s just the character select screen that’s borked :)

One Comment

Did they fix the whole in their security where you could sign up for an access all areas account, get the extra character slots, make the characters and then return back to the original subscription, then access those characters via the in game / option?

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