Python: Not the way to write Python, it seems ;)

(This is not a hate-on-Python by a Python-hater, this is a smirk-at-Python by a recent Python convert)

I’d mentioned yesterday that Python comes with a hefty cost for function calls.

In my foot-wetting with Python, it has seemed that “Pure Python” modules are often highly prized. But glancing at the Python 3.1 What’s New notes, it seems that writing Python in Python isn’t the best way:

The new I/O library […] was mostly written in Python and quickly proved to be a problematic bottleneck […] the I/O library has been entirely rewritten in C and is 2 to 20 times faster depending on the task at hand.

Note: This post is tounge-in-cheek; I’m well aware the real reason Pure Python modules are valued is an extra level of flexibility they deliver through the propagation of various Python language facilities.

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