For heaven’s sake…

Microsoft Security Essentials. Real-time antivirus protection (i.e. install and forget). Free.
Malware Bytes.  Trojan/BotNet scanner (i.e. only runs when you launch it). Free. (And broadly considered the best secondary protection tool)

Note: Malware Bytes use CNet as a mirror which is unfortunate, because CNet is replete with adverts that contain – or are nothing more – than big “DOWNLOAD!” buttons. Watch where you click, please?

Another day, another friend I had to batter for using Avast. Ugh. Malware Bytes found 17 infections with a quick scan, removed ~200 infections with a full scan from safe mode.

He’d just renewed his Avast license too.

If nothing else, download a copy of Malware Bytes to someplace safe – a USB stick or a CD. Truly nasty infections can actually prevent you being able to update your AV scanner or download/install a new one.


Whatever AV you’re going to go with, please, pretty please, download a copy of Malware Bytes onto a USB stick or a CD and file it away for safe keeping.


Amen Brother K! MSE and Malware Bytes are with me where ever I go.

I can second that! malware bytes is a great program, some viruses can stop you running it as they recognise the executable name, the way around this is to rename the .exe file to anything you want and it should work fine. Hadn’t thought of keeping a copy on a USB stick, I’ll definitely be doing that.

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