Unleashed 2: PC or console?

That was my dilemma earlier last week. I chose PC. Now I sense a disturbance in the force; oh wait, it’s just crashed again that’s all.

As much as I’d recommend the game, I definitely don’t recommend the PC version. I dunno if the console versions are anywhere near as buggy (mostly it seems to get annoyed by accessing menu screens like the level-up screen or the light-saber crystal screen, but it also seems to like to lock up during saves and/or videos), but the PC version reeks of “port”:

– In the Dragon’s Lair-esque sequences that require you to mash keys at the correct times, if you’re playing at 1920×1200 on a 27in screen it’s real easy to miss the little indicators that pop up.

– It feels like they missed the conversion of controller handling for force push/pull: instead of allowing you to very quickly aim things, the mouse inputs aren’t treated digitally as direct movements but instead as changes to the orientation of a thumbstick, making them extremely cumbersome and clumsy.

– Targetting: Pressing tab engages “target lock”, even if there is no target on your screen or in range. The resulting restrictions on your control inputs makes it feel like there is a stuck key or the game is about to crash. But even when used properly, there’s no indicator for it. Oh, enemies get an outline when they are in position to be targeted but there’s no special indication that the target is locked.

And in the dance of combat, you can be locked on a target that you wouldn’t currently be able to lock on to. For example, lets say you go to lock on to a big robot standing infront of you, and one of the other enemies near you happens to attack you right at that moment and you get stunned or knocked down or moved. The result is that you are facing one way, but locked in another, causing your controls to go all skwiffy. Didn’t experience this on the Xbox version.

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