Whose computer is this?

“Do not restart your computer. Your computer will restart automatically after the update is finished”

Some days, some moments, that just really grinds my gears… *I’m* not allowed to restart the computer, which I actually don’t want to do, but this snotty ass little update is going to do it?

Sometimes is just the wording. One update right now said “Please don’t restart your computer until the update is finished”, and I thought, “sure, ok; I’ll get on with something else while you do that” and it was fine. Then the next one used the stupid language again and I got all riled up by it.

Mostly I’m just annoyed because of the 3 software updates that just asserted themselves on me (grr), one of them focus stole and I lost several minutes of work.

And I know that the guys who wrote them get just as wound up by other people’s software rebooting their systems for no good reason.

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