Android to Win7: Day 3, addendum

I used Bloo’s charger to recharge my phone, but I still didn’t do a whole lot, other than show a few people that I had the phone.

Despite my grumblings so far, there is just something about Windows 7 Phone that I like. I’m largely trying to annotate my transfer from Droid to Win7 here. There is no intent to belittle  or worship either Android or Windows 7; just document a transition made on an impulse :- the phone I was going to upgrade to wasn’t in stock, but the Win 7 was and they told me I could return it within 14 days for a different phone.

I went Android before purely because Verizon was a good carrier choice for me at the time, and Verizon didn’t carry iPhone. If it weren’t for the 14-day return deal, I would have stayed with ‘droid – better the devil you know.

Tomorrow I’m going to try and make a bit deeper use of the phone. I have it charging up tonight and I’ll leave it charging until I get up in the morning.


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