Android to Win7: Day 3

This entry intentionally left blank — charged the phone up to full before going to bed, in the morning the battery is down to under 10%. Either the battery is defective or this phone gets about 10 hours per 14 hour charge.



At this point I would reactivate your OG droid and root the thing and overclock it. Wait for either the Droid Bionic or the Samsung Galaxy S II to drop, then pick up either. 4G is worth it. I’m so jealous of my brother’s speed, he has the Thunderbolt.

Also, been reading

It’s pretty good on Android news.

As I said in your 1st post the next major update to Windows Phone (Mango) is coming this fall, it will include multi-tasking and a task manager. I think you may just have jumped on the bandwagon a little too early with WP7 as there is going to be a slew of much better phones released at the same time as Mango, possibly including a Samsung Galaxy SII Windows Phone. I’ve been holding off upgrading my phone until Mango is released to decide if I will go to WP or iPhone.

Perhaps I need to clarify that I’m not hating this phone, despite the issues it’s presenting me.

Surely you know to check the data-connection settings?
How often and what the phone updates from the interweb…

Getting “push” notifications from facebook every 5 minutes will drain the battery quite fast.. on any phone. Using the 3G/GPRS data connection is a good way to drain the battery :)

Unlike Android, Win 7 doesn’t (appear) to have a centralized sync setting, and while I’ve adjusted the settings for Google and Windows Live, the facebook item doesn’t have a setting like that =/

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