Android to Win7: Day 4

Today I seem to have started getting past my initial transitional cloudiness.

When it comes to user interfaces, people tend to expect me to go for very basic, utilitarian styles. But my Windows boxes all run the native UI – I’m not one of those folks who tries to make his Windows 7 look as much like Windows 3.1 as possible (*cough*bloo*cough*).

The Windows 7 Phone UI pleases me greatly. It has a sleek elegance with a sense of depth and a pinch of tounge in cheek: tap and hold a tile and it tilts a little depending on the exact positioning of your finger.

To me, the result is a sense of tangibility, a touch of magic. It feels so much less like stabbing at an electronic display of cyberspace and more like a magical koi pond within which things will swim to the top whenever you touch the surface.