Android to Win7: Day 5&6

I don’t see how this can be a factor, but until Tuesday I was using the usb cable that came with my old Droid to charge my new phone. So I switched over to the one that actually came with the Trophy. Yesterday and today I’ve made fairly heavy use of the phone, tried out a few games, etc, and I’m seeing quite acceptable battery usage.

Indeed, yesterday I finally shut the phone down around 11.30pm after reading on it for over an hour with Amazon Kindle, and it had barely touched the battery after a full day’s usage.

I needed to use the Droid for something today, and rediscovered that it too has screens that won’t rotate for you — such as the desktop. So I wonder why that was so annoying to me on the new phone? Maybe I expected it to be fixed?

Yes, there are a few minor things that still bother me about the Win7 phone such as the uncertainty of where pressing Back will take you…

But I also spent a while tinkering with the ‘TouchStudio‘, the phone’s visual scripting system, and knocked up a little app that reports on Battleground Europe server status for me:

action ServerStatus()
xmlData := web->download(“”)
domRoot := web->xml(xmlData)
foreach server in domRoot->children(“r”) do
name := server->attr(“name”)
state := server->attr(“state”)
text := name || ” is ” || state
text->post to wall

It’s pretty noddy, and pretty basic, but it was a doozy to construct (since, with the exception of naming variables and typing in text fields like the URL) it’s all done with phone taps :)

Today’s chances of switching back to a droid phone? 10%.

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