Battery low

This new phone does see a lot more action than my old phone, but my one standing issue with it now is the short battery life.

This seems to be peculiar to my unit, so it is probably my fault for not giving it a good clean charge before using it. Worse, I started charging it off a flaky USB connection in a rental car on its first day, causing it to go flat repeatedly.

There is a 2.x times lifetime battery option I’m gonna pick up.

While writing this post on my phone, i finally noticed what makes this on-screen keyboard really work: the autocomplete/autocorrect assign high value to the ley positions. So if you type ‘rgw’ then ‘the’ is option #1, and so on even for some really gnarly typos :)

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So how is mango? My HTC hero successfully drove me up a wall a few weeks back and I had to replace it with a Samsung Epic. I’m still curious how mango is though, care to do an update? :).

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