Replacing playgate…

Of course, there’s way more important things to do but replacing PlayGate is still on the todo list after my .NET rewrite got scratched due to a failure to understand what “this is a development version so it may require you to install various libraries and stuff” mean’t, and I had to keep the old Win32 C code alive, again.

The thing keeping me from resurrecting my .NET version is that either I’m missing something or .NET localization is a total pain in the backside – even with XAML?



CultureInfo LanguageBork = new CultureInfo(“no-NB”);
Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = LanguageBork;
Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = LanguageBork;

!? =)

Neither gives you a solution where you see any version of translated strings inside the Visual Studio IDE.

If you use the VS approach to localizing, managing the files etc is a headache.

If its just the strings, there are many free tools that work way way better than the built-in editor for resx files.

if you are also looking to change the dialog options ( width, x/y positioning etc) you may need to go with a for-money tool.

Ive worked with localisation in .net using only the built in tools, and it was almost enough to make a grown man cry

locbaml ftw … or not :(
For simple localizations I use something along the lines of this:

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