W8DP (Windows 8 Dev Preview) Continued…

This has to be really early days for the UI; the phone UI heritage screams at you. For example: There’s no clear and evident “shutdown” or “reboot” interface.

If you click on your “User tile” on the start screen/menu/page you get an option to log off.

Sometimes, right-clicking screens works and you get an app-wide context menu. But it doesn’t seem consistent.

The lack of a close-app button is bothering me greatly, hehe.



To shutdown or reboot, you will find a power button icon under the settings “Charm”. Hover the mouse in the bottom left corner of metro.

These menu’s popping up are in place of the on-screen swipes that you’d see on a tablet or smartphone. I imagine they’ll be worked on before release, along with the ugly scroll bars.

I’ve not found a close-app equivalent yet either.

Heh, I did manage to find the shutdown/reboot controls.

The edge-of-screen pop-ups are another clue to the current iteration’s phone heritage, but IMO a fascinating one – in that clearly the way they’ve implemented those features on the phones themselves is thru a single-pixel window.

I’m eager to see how it shapes up, but for now I’m not preparing any physical partitions for a bootable install.

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