Secret reveal of Microsoft’s iTunes killer


only one reason why i only bye vinyls

Looks slick though…

UnknowingFool writes “On Monday Microsoft updated webpages to announce a price drop for the Zune pass subscription, and it removed all references to the Zune hardware. This prompted many to suspect the Zune was dead. A MS spokesman then tweeted that the updates were in error and the Zune was not dead. Then MS later admitted that they will no longer produce hardware but would honor any existing orders. It appears MS has trouble with managing their PR.”

That’s confusion over terms … The Zune service is alive and kicking but the Zune device is gone.

Zune-service: Alive.
Zune-device: Dead.

don’t you think that the one might be somehow linked with the other, in germany we’d say “Nachtigall, ick hör dir trapsen” in english probably “smell a rat”

Wow, you mean you discovered the Zune software, only about 8 years old. :) Luv ya.

Luv ya too, but of course I was talking about the piss-poor customer service and not the zune software itself.

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