October line count

[Edited: Corrected my numbers for C&P errors]

Previous line count, in May, 628,681 lines.

osmith@luciddev:~/pn/ww2/src$ date && linecount
Wed Oct 5 10:57:21 CDT 2011
657627 total

Or +28,946 lines.

That seems fairly significant. If you assume an average of 4 words per line, that’s 48, solid, hours of typing at 40 words per minute.

Of course, programming is a little more than just typing, so chances are that while the coders here can probably type at 40 words per minute or higher, they very likely generate code at a rate of 5-10 words per minute while working. Which means more like 10 weeks of typing. Divide by the 5 programmers we have, that’s a solid 2 weeks each of inputting new code – no distractions, no breaks, no meetings…

The surprising number, though, is the number of lines of code that have changed. Ignoring white space changes and lines with changes to only one word or less than 8 characters difference: 143,385 lines.