Workaround for tolua++ crash under Ubuntu 11

In the midst of some heavy deadlines, I ran into a most annoying problem with our build process: out of the blue, the normally reliable “tolua++” tool started to segfault. It took a while but it suddenly dawned on me that I was working on a VM with the (then) most recent Ubuntu.

I’ll keep it short: the problem appears to be a command line processing one, and the fix is to add characters to the command line…

I added whitespaces, re-ordered the arguments and added a pointless -E argument, from:

tolua++5.1 -n stratd -o hostproj/stratd.pkg


tolua++5.1  -o  -n stratd  -D  -C  -E project=ww2ol  hostproj/stratd.pkg

No more segfaults.


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