KickStart: Rapid Assault

We’ve just unveiled our “Rapid Assault” project on KickStarter. This is the project that’s spun out of several of our side-projects and we’ve also been using as a development platform for re-engineering some of the WWIIOL subsystems. We’re already in the process of in-house testing the results of porting those improvements back to Battleground Europe which should result in some awesome coolness :)


I’ll tell ya, picture #2 on that page (infantry guy getting out of truck) isn’t doing anyone any favors.

Sorry for hijacking this post. I put back online and noticed that many files, such as hcmovements and deathmaps, are not updating. I think many would appreciate getting these tools back up and running.

Kickstarter not sucessful and Rafter and Toto gone. Not good.

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