TV Studios: Please take my money?

I’m looking at you: HBO, Bad Robot, Frank Darabont…

You’re not getting my money thru TV companies who want me to pay for 150+ foreign language channels I can’t understand, sports and religious channels I actively do not want. Not just because they think repeating channels in different resolutions and then charging me for both somehow adds value, or because they consider 190 “on demand” channels which all just access the same service is somehow added value. But because when you guys try to make great quality shows, they struggle to get the funding they need to meet the standards of quality I expect in my entertainment because so much of that money is being spread out to those foreign-language/sports/religious channels that don’t need the money nearly so much.

So, please, guys; go google “kickstarter” or “indiegogo”. Get your heads together, hire some web geeks, and build a service that lets me pay you to entertain me with the awesome shows you’ve been trying to make for years, without the damn money-sucking middleman who blatantly fails to get what you do and what I enjoy.

I suspect I’m not alone, over 400,000 US homes have dumped pay TV this year – and it’s not about parting with some money for our shows, it’s about feeling ripped off having to spend money on crap we don’t want in return for having the quality we do want cancelled.

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So I heard you’ve left CRS too KFSone… guess the writing is on the wall for WWIIol now. Longtime coming I might add… and no doubt brought upon by CRS’ poor developer decisions.

Sad but true.

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