Watching the Nerdist tribute to Nerd Girls with my gf, she asks “Is there a celebration of us less young gamer chicks”? I replied “cougamers” and then realized I was supposed to say “What? I’m sure Felicia Day is older than you”. But, I’ve had a lot on my mind. What with the moving from Texas to Irvine, making my first commit to WoW at my new job this week, and everything!



No shit, WoW eh? You’re in my neck of the woods now too! May have to figure out how to buy you a drink for all the ww2ol effort over the years one of these days.

Grats on the new gig and wish you the best bro.

Hey thats awesome! Grats on the move! Other than $$, I would love to have a blog post about your motivations for changing jobs.

I happen to know a bunch of people who work on WoW. A fx artist named Terrie, a coder named Ben and a DB admin named armando. I told them they should go introduce themselves =) I nearly landed at Blizzard too, but decided to work outside the industry for a bit. My friends know me as Diamonds (instead of Gnpatton).

Are you going to PAX btw?

congrats on the move. It’s always nice to shake things up a bit.

Leaving Playnet … That’s 9 years of my life, never mind the fact that it was a labor of love for the game that’s been a part of my life for nearly 12 years (I was a beta tester).

Now, factor in that it’s a fairly small team however you look at it – even pre-release they were only double-figure employees. It’s never been a “large” business.

During that time, we’ve worked near continual crunch times.

So departures are … intensely personal. I’m on the verge of some eye moistening as it is.

Why Blizzard? Well, at first it was just as a self-test; can I even get them to notice me?

And then I got to the code-test over the phone. I’d forgotten what it was like to talk unashamedly nerdy about code with another human. So that lit a spark under me.

I did some discrete research into Blizzard life. I’ve been back to WoW more than any other MMORPG besides WWIIOL. It may not have first place in my memory-lane of games, I don’t think anything can ever displace EQ1 for me, but it’s spent a lot of time as my favorite MMO – I had actually just fired up my WoW accounts to prepare for Pandaria shortly before Diablo hijacked my attention.

I liked what I found, and when I flew out for my face-to-face interview — 2 hours of code test and 9 hours of continuous interview! — I really liked what I saw; the WoW Server Team, in particular, hit me with a buzz that took me all the way back to nerdy Perl discussions with my co-coders at Demon.

By the time I flew back to Texas … OMFG.

I actually found out within 2 hours of getting off the plane that they were probably interested, and then a mere 28 hours longer to find out I was being offered a job. Those are some of the longest most agonizing hours of my life :)

I can’t begin to describe how painful it was to leave WWIIOL, and at the same time I can’t begin to describe how blown my mind is by the fact that I’m now working for Blizz on WoW. I can only just barely manage not to rip all my clothes off, leap out of my (3rd floor) window and run around screaming “OMFG I WORK FOR BLIZZ! WAHOOOO!!!! BUT OMFG THIS ISN’T TEXAS, I WANT MY GOPHUR!!!!!”

Traitorous sellout bastard.

Good luck Ollie :)

Grats && Good luck with your new job.

Good luck with the new job. Sounds like it should be very interesting.

Good on ya. Moving up is always better. Luck and hope to see your tag somewhere down the line.

Damn – now you’re in my neck of the woods. Welcome to Orange County! Didn’t Realize where you were heading. If you need someone to show you around – ask Al and Amy, they know how to get ahold of me. Joe “Sockless” Nordaby

Thanks man :) Haven’t had a lot of time to do anything outside of home/work, what with trying to get my toons up to 90 ;) But … soon!

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