Yes, Viruses, that was me :)

I bumped into old leather-pants himself tonight while playing War Thunder. Yes, I’m going by “kfsone”. There’s a reason I’m not an actor, and that’s one of it.

Unfortunately, their chat UI is kinda lacking, and although I cancelled my queue I got sucked into a game, at which point – despite the chat window being up – I was unable to chat with you (it kept telling me that kfsone wasn’t online).

That game alternately drives me nuts (random damage model ftl) and makes me drool deliriously (but the models are so beautiful, and if the joysticks worked full realism mode would be a thing of beauty) and drives me nuts (did someone go back in time and suck all the evil out of the early WWIIOL UIs and inject the distilled tincture like botox into the World of Tank UI so that just when you think, oh I got this, BAM, it’s in your face doing anything but what you expected, and in russian) and makes me cheer (in-flight reload in arcade mode FTW!).

But then I’ve also been hopping into WarBirds occasionally (as kfs1). Have to say, when I did the offline training flight for WB 2013 and saw “bobn”s name … Man, that tugged at the old heart strings.

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