VS2013 Preview

I’ve been experimenting with Visual Studio 2013 Preview on my Windows 8.1 laptop and I’m liking it – with a caveat. Windows 8.1 is absolute fail on the laptop itself, it’s not touch screen. But I’m using remote-desktop into it to use VS2013 on my desktop 27in LCD, and that is actually really pleasant.

VS 2013 is still visually kinda horrible and wasteful of visual real-estate, and it has a new on-the-fly syntax formatting feature which I am permanently fighting, probably needs a lot more options before release. E.g., if you tell it to put spaces around math operators, it preemptively puts spaces around “<” as you type a template, but never corrects them when it finally realizes it was a template (“std::vector < string>”).

It’s a nice feature but they need to make it less aggressive, so that if you go back and change an auto-format feature, it doesn’t immediately undo your change.

The ide definitely feels faster and smoother, and there are a lot of nice new bells and whistles which so far I have found fairly beneficial. The perf visualization tools are really nice to work with, if a little confusing to get running (apparently you need to set up some adminstrator privilege stuff and jankiness).

I owned the original SAS C compiler from which MSVC is derived, and a version of each release from then upto 2010. VS 2012 is the first one I didn’t buy, I’ve stuck with 2010 and done less dev work under Windows.

Ultimately, the damage they did to the UI in 2012 still puts the hurt on 2013 for me, so far, so right now I suspect I’ll give 2013 a miss too.


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