So the tag line of my blog was always “gamer turned dev”, referring to my becoming a game dev.

Well, that’s no-longer true. I’d been considering some really exciting opportunities from MMO- and just-plain-online- game developers but ultimately I had a left-of-field offer that was just too interesting.

When most people hear where I’ve chosen to place my hat for the next few years, they’re confused. “Isn’t it just a website”.

There’s a hell of a lot of infrastructure behind the scenes to make Facebook seem like “just a website” to people. I’ve hired on to the Production Engineering team, a group of engineers within FB that some people make sound like the engineering equivalent of a marine corpsman and others liken to just plain marines.

It’s also a fairly close analogy with the sorts of roles I had working for ISPs 93-03.

My passion for gaming and my passion for connecting people online come from the same moment – when my fourth-grade class was made to play a single-player “settlers” type game in groups of 5 on an Apple Lisa and I was appointed “secretary” (the one operating the keyboard) for my group. I joking refer to this as my “1979 Multi-Player Experience”.


Oh my, that wasn’t a very long stint with the WoW people. I hope being one of Zuckerberg’s minions is more to your liking. Anyways, best of luck to you.

so long Slpr

So you finally made it to the dark side.

I really hope they have cookies – oh wait, of course they do. And lots of them!

Best of luck to you, Kfs.


Huh…just saw this. Guess it’s a little late to ask about Wiretap! dang. Anyhow, congrats on FB. I’ve been writing in PHP for a long time, and was really happy to see a major service use it as extensively. Don’t forget your gamer roots.

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