Happy new year

To the random individual still tuned in, a happy new year to you.

I’m still at Facebook, no evidence of it being the evil empire folks want to believe it is. Rather, a collection of folks who worry about the same things you do, who care about privacy not least because their mom is on Facebook too.

I’ve been playing Crypt of the Necrodancer, Faster than Light (which I didn’t play when it was hot and new) and a lot of Kerbal Space Program.

I’m starting to feel I’m done with KSP now, though; I can launch to orbit, even recover small payloads from orbit with a recovery ship, I’ve built a (crappy) station.

I squeezed some extra longevity out of the game with mods including MechJeb (an autopilot, so I could focus on building rather than flying, because I just find the flying part tedious key-holding). But I haven’t flown a rover, built a base on another planet, manned mission to Duna etc.

It may be because I don’t feel “free” to experiment with stuff before I launch it into space. I’ve built rovers and driven around KSC with them but I’ve no clue how I would get it into space and drop it anywhere useful. (It doesn’t help that stock fairings are broken in 1.0.5 and turn any rocket into Tippy McSplodey).

Development-wise, nothing exciting to report at the moment. I’m building up a hankering to get my teeth into C++14 and ++17 properly, but I’m lacking a good project to work on and a good description of what the changes are to actually rustle up a project.

Talking with the new team at CRS/Playnet, I’m filled with a lot of confidence. I think the clean break is going to prove good for the guys, they’re clearing away the dead bodies that the old team — self included — were stumbling around. I’m really looking forward to them having a successful 1.35 launch. We left them a lot of landmines, so … be gentle on them.


I would love to see wwiionline become great again. I dread to think of the amount of hours that would turn into years playing but i dont regret a second of it. I still have my x52 waiting for it to be great again.
I didnt have the time to throw at kerbal to be good at it, shame really because i am missing out.
I am mostly playing iracing now and streaming it on twitch, after a year of streaming pretty much just that i am close to getting partnered and that makes me happy :D

John (airmessy) Cook

Great to hear you are doing well my friend of years past! I too talked with the current team at CRS and it excited me do much, well I had to be part of that action. Lots of cool things happening around here and I am looking forward to seeing what the future will bring. Hope to see you hanging around on the battlefield some.

Hello kfsone! I happened upon your blog through the gaming mentions, always fun to hear from a fellow gamer!

What projects are you looking to work on? My team has a project in development, but we need someone with proper coding expertise to assist us further. Please let me know if you’d be interested: drslater06@gmail.com



Omg airmessy, let’s see what they change and maybe then we could do few factory bombings again or just you bombing and me intercepting you :) Tried game for short time in the end of last year, rebel357 is still there. Didn’t see anyone else from old guys.

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