After Action Reports

In Defense of Nettersheim, Finale

The finale to the Nettersheim series, hope you enjoy :)

In defense of Netterhsiem, Pt4…

Allies have the North Armybase zipped up tightly, Axis hold the most strategic location between the last depot and the AB, overlooking the tract of otherwise open ground. Can either side take control of the no-mans-land and secure the town?

In defense of Nettersheim, Pt3…

Continuing the Nettersheim footage

Between the all-important armybase and the Axis northern most position lies a brutal stretch of wide-open ground. The Allies have a cluster of buildings and small copses of trees to provide them with an excellent tactical position.

Again: Raw and live buzzard cam footage – not from a server recording.

The audio-commentary should be clearer on this one.

In defense of Nettersheim Part 2…

The bloodbath continues. Intense fighting between two capture buildings. The Allies have a strong hold on the North Armybase separated from the infantry battle by a long stretch of open ground.

Again: Raw and live buzzard cam footage – not from a server recording.

Oh, and this time with commentary ;-P

In defense of Nettersheim…

Axis forces are embattled in the town of Nettersheim. The Allies have captured the North Armybase and seem to be advancing. Can the Axis hold out?

Part 1 of 4 …

1080 available if you click-thru to PronYouTube.

(Raw buzzard footage! When I realized it was going to be an epic battle, I hopped into a buzzard and filmed this live)

Oh, gnpatton :)


More coder art

Based on a player’s screenshots in the forums, I took a few stabs at tweaking it with Paint.NET :)


Say no more.

It fell!

10 hours of serious warfare, and Antwerp falls to the Axis. But that’s by no means the end of the story: 


It’s on!

Campaign #50, Day 56. This campaign has been simmering slowly. Last night, Brussels fell and Antwerp has seen fierce, fierce fighting all day. Friday night. I’ve asked Killer to send ice packs down to the server farm just incase ;)


Infact, it’s been on since 11.19 this morning, but there’s no sign of a letup just yet. Sure, the Axis had to give up some hard gained towns in the south. But whether those are losses or not will depend on the outcome of the Antwerp offensive and the campaign.

Incidentally, after the week-of-wobbles we had last year with the 1.29 release, the servers have since been running continuously for 50 days with the highest populations for 3 years :)