WWII Online/Battleground Europe data feeds in XML and JavaScript formats.

WireTap now uses UTF-8

During today’s 1.29 patch one of the changes occuring is a transition from Latin1 (ISO-8859-1) encoding of names to UTF-8. This affects town names with umlats (Köln) and German and French brigade names (1. Fallschirmjäger 1.Gruppe, 13ème Demi-Brigade de Légion Etrangère).

New Wiretap data

Before you complain that the TOE sheets only go up to the cycle in production, I’m playing it safe here. It means that this doesn’t currently contain any data you can’t get by logging in or looking at the Gazette.


More details here.

Because Ajax doesn’t let you pull data from another website, there are also JavaScript versions that you can include like this:

BEGM Goes Desktop

begmdesktop.jpg Xiper’s BEGM map got a bunch of new features in version 1.1, including the ability to set the map as the desktop wallpaper. Add his new frontline drawing algorithm and his use of the “deathmap” data… And what you have is pretty cool.

It’s worth noting that BEGM is Open Source – you can download his source code to see how he does any/all of it…

Death Maps

Unfortunately, they’re not maps yet, just the raw data for it:


There are 4 versions of the file:

  • deathmap.1h.xml – number of kills in each square every 10 minutes (no kills = no entry); it covers the “previous hour” – so if its 15.25 the summary contains 14.00-14.59.
  • deathmap.1hsummary.xml – tallies up all the kills in each square for the previous hour.
  • deathmap.24h.xml – like 1h.xml, except it covers every hour for the last 24 hours.
  • deathmap.24hsummary.xml – tallies up all the kills in each square for the last 24 hours.

Now I just need someone to turn them into actual graphics :)

WireTap Links

I’ve been seeing several WireTap apps coming on really well; both Ampos and SLR have been pushing links to them, so I’m going to add a Links section to the WireTap pages – I’ve already moved the sample tools there, I’ll try and do a bit more cleanup on the site itself in my spare time this week.

If you have been working on WireTap based tools and would like them linked from the official pages, drop a comment here, preferably with a “front page” link, download link and docs links – don’t worry if all you have is a download link, that’s OK too :)

If you want to include a screenshot, make one called wt_sshot.jpg and place it alongside the download, if you want your screenshot thumbnailed on wiretap, create a smaller version of it called wt_sshot_t.jpg. Dimensions must be 200px 160px – minimize, crop or pad as need be, but those are the dimensions I will be cooercing it to.

RDP Exposed

It’s actually been there for a little while but it didn’t make the “New” list until this week.

RDP stats. Gives the current cycle #, goal in points and points produced.

If you were using it before (and one or two of you had found it) the format changed with 1.27. In order to implement the /rdp command in-game, I had the RDP cycle script export the finalized data to the game database, and I decided to use that instead of the rather crude way I was calculating it before.

1.27 Pending – Wiretap note

Well, the beta server is looking pretty peachy – those of you not familiar with our beta process are probably sceptical because some of the server processes have been starting and stopping a lot, but that’s normal when we’re validating extremely fine details.

There’s a few little bonus changes going in with 1.27, too. Stuff that wasn’t gonna make it if I was busy today. I had time :)

Wiretap note

I decided those of you using Wiretap have life too easy. To reduce the amount of data per-transaction, I added the notion of default values for some attributes so that I can reduce the amount of bandwidth wasted on sending multiple entries for which the attributes are at their default value. For the files where defaults are in effect, I added a <defaults> attribute, e.g. the cpstates file.

Improved capture ticker

captures.jpgNow that I have more detailed information in the database, I decided it was time to expose it via Wiretap. You can see attacks starting, towns changing hands and towns being saved.

The information for all this comes from new fields in the captures.xml and you can use it to look specifically for towns falling.

There’s still a few issues I seem to need to clean out – the FBs all showed as “open” after the campaign started – I think that’s probably an optimization in the start startup code the disables saving until it’s fairly sure that everything has been loaded.

Alyssa Milano And so, rather quietly, ends my 36th birthday ;)

WireTap Update: CP Statuses

Those of you using Wiretap will be pleased to know you can now query the current ownership/status of CPs, as well as current Attack Objectives. You can translate the CP names by using the CP List (xml or javascript).

You can find more details in the documentation.